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picture of an owlBelow are genuinely unsolicited genuine comments from audience survivors of our gigs, honest.

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Liz Hazell of Sparkly Singers, audience member - Bath Party in the City 2023

I just wanted to drop you a very quick e-mail to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance at St Swithin's Church in Bath last Friday evening, as part of this year's Party in the City event - a wonderfully varied programme delivered with humour and a delightful dollop of silliness!

Sue, audience member at 2022 Tetbury Goods Shed gig:

AKs, you were truly Magnificent this evening in Tetbury and I came away, as am sure did the rest of the audience with that warm fuzzy feeling, just like you get when biting into a piece of velvety chocolate! Hope to catch you again soon.

Comments from Derry International Choral Festival 2022:

We loved having you here and the choir contributed in such a special way to the entire festival!

 …. your performance at the International Competition went down a storm, particularly with the adjudicators who just loved it!

 We will look forward to welcoming you back in future years and if ever we’re in AK, we know who to call on for the best pint suggestions and a song!

- Fiona, Festival Manager

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the AKs for your contribution to the community programme this year. The amount of singing you did over the week was absolutely titanic - so important this year as we are rebuilding. And, really, you add so much to every concert you perform in - entertaining the crowd, helping to create that fun, relaxed atmosphere that is so important to the community concerts, and bringing all of your warmth to the festival social life. I heard that you sang The Parting Glass at An Culturlann in memory of those who died in Creeslough? - I know that will have meant a lot to those who heard it, as that disaster is very close to home for Derry people - it just shows your connection to this city, that you thought of it.

 So, thank you. The programme wouldn't have been the same without you all. I'm glad you enjoyed this year so much, and the experience is still good for your singers. We hope you can come to Derry again and again for many more years.

 Please keep in touch, let us know your plans for next year - there will always be a place in the Festival for the Magnificent AKs!

- Mairéad, Community & Outreach Coordinator

I really enjoyed being with you all. Your choir made a great impact on the city. People are still talking about you and how much they enjoyed your singing. It was a pleasure to be able to show you my town. You were a great hit with the other choirs and your performance on the night of the International Competition was a great success. It was a pity you couldn't stay for the Closing Gala and the party afterwards. It was great fun.

 You are a lovely bunch of guys. 

Give my regards to them all and I hope to see you all back soon. You are very special to the Choir Festival

- Martin, Our Festival Guide and mentor


Tim Porter, co-ordinator Cotswolds Distillery Festival:

"Your performances went down really well. Much appreciated, especially by Dan Szor the American owner (and big music fan) of the Distillery. Hope you had a good  time at The Fleece, and managed to get back home with most of the choir. (Ed. We did and we did.)

Please thank everybody individually from me and the Distillery team.”

Lady after our Tetbury Goods Shed gig:

(Lady on leaving.) "Thank you, that was brilliant."
(Us) "You can buy a CD if you wish."
( Lady ) "I don't want a CD, I want to take all you lot home."

A friend of Angus V. writes of our Hullavington gig:

"Brilliant, well done.      
That was the most entertaining/humorous/unique experience we can recall.    
If any ‘night out’ in 2019 ‘tops’ that, it will have to be extraordinary.      
We would appreciate a list of your performances for the rest of the year. We promise not to become ‘groupies’ but we would certainly like to see/experience another occasion.
We hope you enjoyed your visit to The Hullavington Arms, you certainly deserved to unwind.
I have a bet that says the CD will be out of the wrapper and being played before AM becomes PM today.
Can you please advise how we start a claim for damages. Our hands are sore and our voices are rough - there must be a claim to be made under some health and safety legislation.
Thanks again, we hope AK 47 goes from strength to strength in the decades ahead. Must go, I’m off to my ‘shed’. "

A friend of Neil M. who sings with him in the Georgian Bristol Choir is reported by him to have said of the same gig:

....that she spent the whole time either laughing or crying. I think she was laughing at the jokes and crying at the exquisite harmonies but I may have got that the wrong way round.

Comments from our Ashton Keynes village hall floor fund raiser:

Dorothy (whose birthday it was so we sang HB2U) said it was her best birthday ever!

Another lady said we'd improved so much since she last heard us that it was outstanding, really super harmonies and great mixture of music.

A third said we were the best she had ever heard and great entertainment!

From the chap who bought us a barrel of beer in Pewsey where we were raising money for Prospect Hospice:

"I'm pleasantly surprised at how good you are ... honestly ... really surprised!"