long white beards


This is a spoof advertisement for cuff links made from the choir's logo.

A golf cap, just the job for the links.More singing

Chris Samuel - see his website here

Mellifluous women with whom we've sung - ChoirJam

And Black Sheep Harmony

Is there no end to the mellifluous women with whom we've sung? These people were great - Sassparella


BlokeFest - a superb annual singing event - BlokeFest

Rumbustious carols you were never taught at school! Banned by the clergy, these vigorous carols migrated to halls, non-conformist chapels and pubs. You can learn and join in with them in revivalist traditions in Stroud and Bradford on Avon: The Prince Albert Carol Consort and Bradford on Avon Carollers.

Bradford Roots Music Festival showcasing the very best of local talent, fantastic folk, jazz, indie and, of course, roots music combine with crafty local beverages and delicious food offerings for the ultimate celebration of this iconic community festival. Join in the fun at WMC or online as the festivities are broadcast live for the first time. 

Jolly good pubs

Our spiritual home - The White Hart

BlokesFest tried and tested - The Bruce Arms

Great gigs and home of the Prince Albert Carol Consort - The Prince Albert

Unusual Christmas carols - The Prince Albert Carol Consort